timber garage doors

Timber Up and Over Garage Doors

Timber up and over garage doors offer a natural beauty and timeless appeal that only real wood can provide.

As standard timber up and over garage doors are supplied with a neutralising base stain ready for on-site finishing by others, but if required can be provided with a factory applied colour finish in a choice of stains which with the right care and attention will last for years to come.

Timber up and over garage doors are available in many designs which include traditional tongued and grooved solid timber construction as well as a classical Elizabethan range which combines beautifully machined solid cedar with fine exterior quality plywood.

Up and over doors are supplied with either a “canopy type” or “retractable type” operating mechanism and it is important that the correct lifting mechanism is chosen for your garage.

Canopy Type Gear:

Most popular an economical type of operating gear.

Door travels in vertical tracks and therefore eliminates the need for horizontal tracks protruding into the garage space.

Maximises drive-through width.

In open position door projects approximately one third of the door height forming a canopy.

Suitable for doors up to 2440mm wide.

A canopy door is not the ideal choice if the door is to be electrically operated.

Retractable Type Gear:

Horizontal overhead tracks allow door to fully retract inside garage when open.

Available for doors of all sizes, standard gear for doors over 2440mm wide.

Ideal choice if door is to be electrically operated.



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